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29 September 2016

Teacher's Pet has been re-released in a revised and expanded edition. Author David Rose has *finally* listened to reason and provided a satisfying conclusion to this tense contemporary short. In honour of the occasion we have provided a new and much more pointed cover. (And yes, it's still free!)

22 February 2015

Red and the Wolf, by the talented E. A. Walker, is being published on pre-order today via the Smashwords distribution network, and through Amazon. The release date is April 6, but there will be a promotion on Smashwords in the first week of March during which you can pre-order for half price.

Red and the Wolf (or, 'What Sharp Teeth You Have!') is a dark fantasy fairy-tale, an original retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood story. See Our Books for a more detailed description.

2 January 2015

A Happy New Year to all our readers!

Fearsome Creatures was released on 12 December, and although the reviews have been only average, sales have exceeded expectations. Our next book due out is E. A. Walker's Red and the Wolf, which we had planned for 31 January, but the author has asked us to push that date back by a couple of months. We're now hoping to release it on 1 April or 1 May.

D. Barclay is done with a beta of Susie Likes Miss Kildare, a children's story about a librarian, and we are in the process of illustration.

We also hope to see a feature review of Moonlight by David Rose soon - watch this space!

7 December 2014

As Fearsome Creatures approaches its release date of 12 December, we also want to reveal the draft cover for E. A. Walker's Red and the Wolf, coming soon:


Red and the Wolf, or "What Sharp Teeth You Have!" is sub-titled, "The Legend Bared".

This tale of the dark, twisted truth lurking behind the children's fairy tale will set its fangs in you and not let go. You thought you knew the story of Little Red Riding Hood? Think again. Think hard. Do you really want to know the truth? Some books are better left unopened.

Look out for this dark fairy tale in January 2015!


21 November 2014

Fearsome Creatures has been released on pre-order on Smashwords and Amazon. This is a collection of four SF short stories which feature monsters. Set in space, on earth, on other planets and at the end of days, readers will encounter strange and fearsome creatures from beyond their imaginations - or their nightmares! Stories included are Break Down, Avalanche, Elysium and Sunset.
The book will be available for purchase from 12 December, at just $1.99 on Smashwords.

31 October 2014

Pocket-sized Yarns is out, as of 29 October! The final result is an outstanding example of twenty quality micro-fiction pieces all written within a word limit of 540 words. I like my own two stories, but my fellow writers have really blown me away with the final versions of their draft stories. There's Gunfight, there's The Rest of the Story, there's Super Dog and there's Captive, there's Sluggish Bullet and Blind Agnes, there's - no, this is pointless. Get it, it's a free download. Choose your own favourites, I promise you won't be able to pick just one, and probably won't even be able to narrow it down to a top three. And don't miss the bonus: The Lint at the Bottom of the Pocket! This little book has been professionally edited and sets out to prove that writing off (sorry, I couldn't resist) all Indie authors as not worth reading is a mistake. I reckon it succeeds.

Moonlight has been revised and improved and the cover tweaked. The price is just $1.69.

10 October 2014

Teacher's Pet  has been published today. I am keeping this short story free, and it will be distributed exclusively through Smashwords (i.e. it will be available on Smashwords and from those bookstores to which Smashwords distributes, which include iBooks, Barnes&Noble, Kobo, etc.) I have also recently released an SF short, Avalanche, more for comment and feedback than publishing it as such. You can find it on Wattpad, or here on GoodReads. Francis and the Goth Girl is about half done, Katia's Inheritance not so much. However, I also contributed two microstories (Predator, and Faithful) to an Indie anthology to be published as Pocket-sized Yarns, out fairly soon I hope.

01 August 2014

As from today, I have begun to charge modestly for my books, except for Dragonfire which remains free. So if you haven't read any of my work yet, download that first and see if you like my style. If you do, have a look at Moonlight, which you can also get for nothing from Smaswords if you use the coupon on the My Books page. has agreed to keep Dragonfire free, and so far they have done so. I'm afraid I have no control over Amazon's prices of my books, but the prices on Smashwords and Barnes&Noble are what I set them to be.

26 June 2014 has agreed to price-match my books as available elsewhere, so they are now FREE on Amazon! Until they realise their mistake, this includes Moonlight, which is now priced at $0.99 everywhere else (unless, of course, you use the Smashwords coupon available on the My Books page ;-). The other Amazon links are:


Living on the Knife's Edge 

22 June 2014

Works in progress:  

1. Working title: A Bad Girl and Francis: a nearly contemporary young-adult adventure romance set in the UK. The main characters are Jazz, a rebellious nearly-fifteen year old who goes to a girls' reformatory, and Francis, a sixteen year old earnest loser from a rich family who lives in the country. This will be a full length YA novel. 

2. In the longer term, because this is a major fantasy epic, Katia's Inheritance, the first book of a trilogy. The next two will be Katia's Ordeal (or, perhaps, Trial) and Katia's Valour. These stories are set in a classical fantasy world and constitute the deeply layered adventures of Katia and her associates in which each book reveals more about the true causes of their troubles. See the prologue on this site under Unpublished

20 June 2014

Living on the Knife's Edge has been published on Smashwords and Amazon! This is a short story, a serious romantic drama set in contemporary London. It began life as a graphic novel, but I found it impossible (without spending wads of cash which I don't have) to get illustrations which were good enough, so I reworked it as an ordinary short story. It should also appear quite soon on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, Inktera, Flipkart etc, and also the main eLibrary sites.

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