Frost - Short story (Contemporary supernatural) - David Rose

David Rose has released a new short story, free on Smashwords and affiliates.

This is a short story about love and frost, family and healing. A father and daughter in a small mountain town suffer the impact of a bitter snowstorm.









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No Place to Lay My Head - Paranormal Short - E. A. Walker


E. A. Walker has put out a free short which she calls "just a bit of fun". This is No Place to Lay My Head, which you can get from Smashwords now or, shortly, any of the ebook retailers downstream from there, including iBooks and Barnes&Noble. It will also be released on Amazon on 5 July, probably not for free, since Amazon insists on setting their own prices.


A vampish romance, this is a short story with fangs! A gentleman from Eastern Europe is looking for a new home. In his search he discovers Juliet, a delicious young estate agent who finds him equally irresistible. There is just this one little obstacle to their mutual happiness...





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Red and the Wolf - Fantasy - E. A. Walker


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